I Feel Like Concert Merch

Back in the day concert merch wasn’t always the hottest pick up for your wardrobe but for the love of whoever the artist may be you bought it anyways. Over the years concert merch has evolved in the fashion world. Kanye West and his team for example changed the game for concert merch buyers in 2013 for the Yeezus Tour. […]

Summer to Fall Fashion Video

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1mLmxeTDSQ] This i my first fashion video. I really enjoyed making it! first outfit: dress- Forever 21 Jacket: Goodwill Shoes: Payless second outfit: shirt- brothers closet lol skirt- made myself shoes: Holidays third outfit: shirt: H&M shorts: Goodwill Shoes: Holidays forth outfit: shirt- H&M skirt- D.I.Y. distressed from Goodwill Shoes: D.I.Y. City Trends If you would like me to make […]