Beyond Geo and Gigi

I really enjoy Givenchy. He and his team do the most amazing looking pieces that will remain relevant for years. The way that he manipulates all his clothing really take it to the next level ( not like he hasn’t gotten there already),  but he is a huge inspiration to me and my style.

Pants for days

I am an extreme pants fanatic. Oh and by e way sorry for being gone so long I have been getting settled into my new place in L.A. Thank you for being so patient with me! But these pants are amazing! The pj like long johns/bel bottoms seems to be in right now these are the perfect example! They are […]


These overals are the most comfortable thing i have ever worn. They take me back to my kindergarden times. They were $4.99 from Goodwill. and i paired it with my $70 Coach purse and $5 bandeau top from Forever 21. and also my D.I.Y. gold necklace and over sized earrings.