Trashin Fashion Show

The Aquarium in Long Beach hosts a fashion show every year and yours truly was one of the 10 finalist to be in it. This was the most exhilarating experiences I have ever been a part of. All the garments had to be made out of %100 recycled materials and look beautiful all at the same time. After losing my […]

Fur and Flare

I do a lot of sketching everyday. I decided it would be a great time to show you guys now that i have finally found my style. It took weeks for practicing but I got it. I come up with ideas everyday lol my head will explode if I don’t put them on paper. (so just for the safety of […]

                What I’ve learned in the Fashion Industry/and School *Just accept “Urgency” to be apart of your life, and take ooovver in a gust of Pocahontas wind, because it will never change,you should know. *Watch who you trust. *Your ideas are too creative just “Make it Work”- Tim Gunn *Be confident because you are […]