Where is she going #4 out of 5

I can not get enough of her hair. I am a big advocate for natural big curly seeing as though my my hair is exactly the same way. But i really enjoy her style it is very Urban boho. I really like the slouchyness of the clothes it gives it character and tone. Figure out where i am going yet???? […]

Where is she going #3 out of 5

She is too a member of the natural curly girls society. I love the simplicity of the crop top and her  boyfriend jeans. Doc Martins will never go out of style and always deserve a round of applause. you find out where i am going yet???? comment below if you have figured it out yet!!!! [polldaddy poll=7298668]

Coach Put me In!

This is my FAVORITE PURSE i just bought it from the Coach out-lit in Georgia this past moth on my visit. It was originally $209 and it was on sale for $70  i could not pass up a Coach sale like that. My mom said it looked like a curtain but i like the fact that the texture gives the […]

Team Player

I am a big lover of jerseys to show off my sporty and tomboy side. Plus they are comfortable and look great with a nice pair of shorts and combat boots. But i decided to dress it up a bit with gold jelwery and red lipstick. You can never go wrong with red. With jerseys you can keep it simple […]

Chris Cross…..Amen

This is the jewlery selection of my Super Summer haul. These cross earring are soooo much fun. They are big enough to be seen and big enough to make a statement. I got the ear cuff from Icing and the giant cross earrings from City trends and i did not spend over $6. plus for me!!!!