The Plan (Extended Version)

The Plan (Extended Version)
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Maximize your Business’s potential with this (100 page business plan workbook)

As you make full use of this template in your business plan game, you’ll see how complete your brand is – from top to bottom!

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ “The ultimate bundle of the best business planning books ever is all in one HERE! Every new small business startup should begin with one of these simple business planners. Most of this book was me finding out more about my business plan outline and executive summary daily.”

This bundle planner – The Plan – was cultivated out of my desire to stop feeling overloaded while I did each part of my never ending checklists and proposals.

I have always found myself with a calendar, plus multiple spreadsheets and outlines of daily planners and I decided why not just put it ll in one book for every over to NOT go through what I went through will all of my businesses. I always seemed overwhelmed with the ever-growing checklists.

This printable tool has helped me and business reach all the goals I can ever think of and I want to give you guys the best bundle possible with he most value I want your business something you can really have pride for!

This Ultimate Business Planner contains all of the key daily and monthly planning spreadsheets you’ll need to organize your business, tackle your to-do list, come up with a product or service posting schedule, plan your social media content in advance and gain amazing traction, analyze your toughest goals and develop a plan to overcome them – all in the same book!

What’s included?
You will receive 3 sizes PDF file with and a link to the template in Canva. 100 pages of Canva an Editable Workbook

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