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Nothing Real Can Be Threatened.

Hi! I’m Khasi, Founder and CEO of Just In Khas, and the Queen Bee of Pinterest strategy, expert of digital monetization and on digital product creation for online business owners who want to 10x their community growth, cash in on their knowledge and pull in profits daily.

I have grown an online community of 200,000+ people across several social media platforms and provide entrepreneurs with a play-by-play on how to maximize their know-how and make meteor-sized impacts on their community.

Whether I’m teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to deposit their hobbies and skills straight into their bank accounts or pushing those same business owners to have a open mind about life, I have mastered the process of securing the bag everyday, having the business mindset, all day, and all while I teach my audience how to do the same.

If you need any type of help getting your business off the ground or just even social media advice please feel free to email me! I love to help!!

My Certifications

Effectively Optimizing Google My Business

Create Your Website’s Search Engine Optimization Audit – MDM

Bring SEO Clients for your own Digital Marketing Agency – MDM

A Step-by-Step Guide to Retargeting (Facebook, Adwords, Twitter)

Master in Social Media, Google and Facebook Marketing

Master the Science of Digital Marketing

Learn How to Use Pinterest to Promote eCommerce Site – MDM

Learn Professional Blogging: A Step by Step Guide – Lifetime

Become a Certified Google Adwords Expert

Acquire Social Media Expertise and Master the Magic of Online Marketing!

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