Im not saying I’m the smallest fan but I’m not you know obsessed…..too much. Ok I like Kayne ok lol now that you have dragged that out of me. I would like you to know that he has taught me a few things over the years. Continue to stay private , continue to dream and strive for what you want and to knock someone out if they are in my business wayyyyyy too much lol just kidding but seriously he came to speak at a fashion show I had at my school. Not only was it amazing i just like the fact that he is real with students and understands that we dream and drive to create what our heart desires. You know what everyone I think that is a wonderful lesson for anyone.Im also working on my photography skills if you like it let me know :*

I have my own clothing line and if your like to look as great as she does 😉 just go here—–>


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