Art Walk Los Angeles

Well Los Angeles the city of opportunity has sooooo much to offer the art community. I absolutely love every aspect of art and fashion. The Art Walk  was something my roommate asked me to go to with her. She is a videographer, and a great one at that. The show was full of really interesting things; I say things because it ranged from music, to sculptures, to 3d paintings.

This is them acting silly and taking to the “tilt-your-head-perplexed-art look” that everyone knows about.The thing is they were looking at a blue banana lol you guess what it is exactly? (a little obvious)Over all, if you’re visiting L.A. ,you should check out the Art Walk.IMG_0253

IMG_0252 IMG_0251 IMG_0250 IMG_0255 IMG_0257 IMG_0261 IMG_0260name

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