New Fake Fad?!?!

Chanel is a brand that I really aspire to be like one day, but as for now why not just pretend like I am him for a minute.  I painted this by hand myself with white pink and  just a black hanes t-shirt simple and sweet.:)

About the author
Hi everyone, My name is Khasi and I want to give you guys a part of me that i have held in for so many years. Being a Millennial in the dating world, the career world and trying to also heal emotionally I felt like this was the perfect way to help. I hope I help just one person and I will feel like I've done my job. This is just a testimonial so I am no expert, but from doing research and experiencing things in my own life I think we all can help each other get through this thing called life. I thank you again for reading my blog. -Khasi Mc

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